Case Study 2

Corporate Head Office, City of London


To replace the customer’s existing legacy access control system with the latest technology IP connected door controllers, providing the latest security protocols for software and network infrastructure, satisfying the customer’s strict IT security rules. Also, to incorporate biometric fingerprint readers to secure the customer’s remote facilities, increasing the level of security.

Both the existing access control system and the new access control system had to run simultaneously to maintain the customer’s security during the changeover process.


Following a market appraisal, C•CURE 9000 from Software House was chosen using the latest IStar Ultra IP door controllers to replace the existing legacy 485 connected door controllers. Next generation G2 Edge door controllers were installed to control access to the customer’s remote facilities with biometric fingerprint readers, proving a high level of security.

The customer’s existing cardholder database was imported into the new system’s database, saving the customer’s team considerable time compared to entering the cardholder information from scratch.

Our team also designed personalised cardholder entry pages within C•CURE 9000 to simplify the customer’s card issuing process, plus custom reports were created to meet the customer’s particular audit requirements.

End Result

The new system was installed and commissioned within the customer’s schedule. Also, the customer’s existing ExacqVision CCTV system was integrated into the C•CURE 9000 system, allowing camera playback footage to be accessed directly from the C•CURE 9000 monitoring screen when a door alarm event occurs.